Please notify me 24 hrs in advance if you need to cancel a session, or you will be charged ½ the session fee.


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Saving money and looking great - De Colson

Jacqueline is the absolute right person to walk you through your current closet (or closets!) of clothes. With a keen eye, she will look at each item through the lens of how do you now want to look, feel and what impression do you want to exude.


She sees items and combinations in a fresh and contemporary way and she will tell you with compassion and humour what has had its day and also what completely, and maybe with an accessory, has not yet had its moment for you. 


With Jacqueline I have saved money by "refreshing" something that can be a staple in my wardrobe but with a twist made me feel great, current and yet still within my comfort zone.

I have had the pleasure of shopping with Jacqueline on multiple occasions. I have always felt successful and confident in my purchases even well after the fact. She is mindful of budget, purpose and/or occasion, needs versus wants, and most of all will be kindly and safely truthful about what looks great on you. Often this kind of excursion can be filled with anxiety and vulnerability. I found it to be neither and frankly quite the contrary...who knew this could also be fun and more importantly confidence building.


I have come home with new staple pieces and Jacqueline has also counselled me on budgeting of items that are in today but may be gone tomorrow. Invest in quality as a foundation if pieces are needed but also add "zip" affordably.

If you want help reviewing your closet in order to donate that which doesn't make you feel how you want to feel and look how you want to present yourself, Jacqueline is your person. 

If you want help to add to your wardrobe in a sensible, cost effective, confident and stress free way, Jacqueline is your person.

The name of Rock Your Frock I think tells the story... the goal is to feel great and appropriate (that definition is as conservative or as outrageous as is right for you) for the moments you want to live.

Putting divorce behind me - Darlene Chrissley


After my divorce I knew I wanted a new look. Jacqueline was my partner in creating a new, hopeful me.


Working with Jacqueline gave me the confidence to say YES to the fabulous and NO to anything that doesn't make me look or feel great. I love shopping with Jacqueline because I know she won't let me walk out the door with something I'll be sorry for.


Closet shopping with Jacqueline is always surprising. She has a mind for possibilities and creating new looks from existing pieces. Putting together outfits used to be stressful for me. Jacqueline showed me how playful and fun it can be.


Jacqueline taught me how to trust myself. My eye, my taste, my intuition. Since Jacqueline taught me to trust myself I have a much better sense of my own style and people compliment me on my signature pieces.


Jacqueline is a great mix of gentle, playful and honest. Plus she has great taste. You really can't beat that combo.