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My Story

Fifteen years ago, while attending an International Coaching Federation conference, I sat next to a woman named Darlene. She complimented me, saying, “I really like the way you look, the way you have put yourself together.“ I was wearing what I called “my happy sweater” with a pair of black tights. I did feel good about myself and knew I was “radiating” that day.

“I’m recently divorced,” Darlene said, “Would you coach me about my wardrobe?”


We didn’t know each other, and I didn’t know it at the time, but this was the impetus to create a process that would become Rock your Frock.  A few weeks later I sat in Darlene’s bedroom and began asking her questions about her wardrobe, where she was at, and where she’d like to be.


That day, she tried on everything in her closet. Over the course of a few hours, we sorted her clothes into piles: things to keep, things to tailor, things to donate and things that were beyond salvageable. Then we went shopping and I chose a variety of items for her.


Because of our consultation, I understood what suited her body, her personality and what would help build on her existing wardrobe. A few of the things I chose were outside her comfort zone, but as she put them on, she discovered they fit her, made her feel strong and sure of herself.


That was my first style coaching consultation. The fact that it happened should not have surprised me. My own relationship with clothes is woven through my childhood.

Jacqueline Gignac
Style Consultant & Coach

When I was three years old, my mom bought me a pair of leopard skin pants. I still remember them and I still wear leopard-patterned leggings today, many decades later! They are fun, a little risky and artistic. That was me at three and it’s still me today.


But, by the time I was in my teens, I was painfully shy, wanted to fit in and gave into peer pressure around clothes. I remember sometimes dressing to blend in, then my creative self would burst forth with outfits no one else had the nerve to wear.

No wonder I love Halloween so much!


When I was in college, I worked at Sears Junior Department and began to discover that not everyone knew how to put outfits together. I also realized I was able to visualize and equally important; accessorize.

I love learning and have been on a journey of self-discovery for 25 years. I’ve worked in Adult Education, coaching, Design sales and high-end interior design. I’ve decorated and staged countless houses, created and sold my own art and now I’ve brought the best I have to offer to Rock Your Frock.  For me, it’s work that doesn’t feel like work.


In addition to being a Style Consultant and Life Coach, I am also trained in Reiki and Shamanic Soul Retrieval, a sacred ceremony where I journey on your behalf to bring back parts of yourself you may have “lost” due to trauma. To learn more, please check out: I would be honoured to bring these practices into our sessions if you wish for me to do that.