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Contemplating my closet helps me contemplate life. As a seasoned coach, I’m happy to help you figure out other challenges in your life. Where you go with this is entirely up to you!

If you’d like a little help to make getting dressed easier and to boost your confidence, you’ve landed in the right place.

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Rock Your Frock

Jacqueline Gignac

Style Consultant & Coach


About RYF

Clothes matter. Whether we want them to or not, they matter. What we wear on any given day brings us up or brings us down. Our clothes can enhance a day or constrict it, instill joy or frustration, build confidence or foster fear.

When clothes are working for you, they help you feel good about being seen and heard in the world.


As a Style Consultant and Coach, I’ll help you figure out your Personal Style and teach you what to wear in ways that work for you.


Creating a wardrobe that suits you

doesn’t have to be expensive.


Our first step together will be spent considering the clothes you already own. I’ll ask a few questions and listen carefully to your answers. I’ll help you make sense of the clothes in your closet, gently letting some go

joyfully celebrating the ones worth keeping.


By the end of a couple of hours, you’ll have a better sense of what works for you.  Apply your new found wisdom when you shop for clothes and

save you money, time and closet space!

Jacqueline Gignac
Style Consultant & Coach

Meet Jacqueline

Welcome to RYF,

I'm so glad you're here!


A bit about two of my passions in life...


I am a coach who empowers personal self discovery by asking questions and listening to the answers, then asking more questions and listening some more. I love seeing people become their best selves, comfortable in who they are, what they wear and what they do in life.


I am an artist who loves style, design, colour, fabric, texture. I love guiding people to an understanding of the way it all works beautifully together. Every person is unique, every body has its own shape. I love helping people discover their own beauty and style as they discover clothes that fit well, suit their body type, bring out their personality and instil confidence.



Consultations are as versatile as you!  

At Home

Out Shopping

In a Coffee Shop

Consultations range from 30 minutes to 3 hours, depending on your needs.

Hourly session: $150/per client. Group rates are negotiable.

Closet Case

hourly fee @ your space


Ease the stress of getting dressed. Together we tackle your current wardrobe, including shoes and accessories.


I’ll help you connect to your own preferences while we shop your closet. We'll ferret out the keepers and find outfits you never knew you had. We’ll pass on to others what doesn’t work for you.

Seasonal Overhaul

hourly fee @ your space


Get the jump on editing your wardrobe and be ethically minded.


Twice a year, ideally at the end of the season, we’ll review what you rocked and what never made it off the rack. This is a great time to donate gently worn but little loved items to someone else who could use them.

Shop your Frock

hourly fee @ store/s of your choice

(no pressure to purchase)


Say goodbye to the impulse buy! We’ll meet at a store/s of your choice and I will help you learn how to shop mindfully, buying what you love and knowing it works with what you have.


We will each select items and head to the fitting room. I coach you through each selection, bringing awareness to what works and why.


Shop your Frock works best after a Closet Case session where I've seen wardrobe and understand your preferences.


group party @ space of your choice


Participants each bring three clothing items they love and three items things they hate. I coach a maximum of four people in front of the group. Get to know what empowers your friends and pick up some styling tips.


Beverages go well with FrockFest, so choose your favourite drink and let's get the conversation about transformation started.

Reboot the Suit

for men @ your space or coffee shop


Instead of telling your partner or friend what they “should” wear, send them over to me! I'll help them better understand their personal style and what is in their wardrobe. Same process as Closet Case, just for men.

Rock your Space

hourly fee @ your home


Leverage my 15 years as a Designer while I coach you on how to paint/decorate/plan/furnish and accessorize your space as a true reflection of you.



Embracing my forties - Rebekah Rotert


Jacqueline helped me embrace my forties with grace, elegance and a style that suits my true personality. I was recently promoted and the edgy style I had grown accustomed to was no longer appropriate for my age and stage. The idea of wearing pants suits and penny loafers made me wish I was 20 years younger and able to get away with wearing sassy jeans and polka-dotted heels.


I just couldn’t figure out how to find the right style for this new era of my life. I wanted to be beautiful and unique. But I also needed to be professional and mature.


Jacqueline helped me achieve just that – and so much more. She helped me understand the broad range of clothing that accentuates the positive for my body type (I had no idea I could wear a halter neckline) and she found new pairings for clothing I loved so that I could take them with me into this next stage of life.


The great news for me is I feel happy in my clothes. I am actually happy to have crossed the line into middle age – no more dread in sight. Jacqueline encouraged me in so many ways to see myself as beautiful and classy, and she helped me find the right clothes (most of which were buried in my closet) to match.


Thank you so much, Jacqueline, for helping me embrace this new season!


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